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I was born into the decade of mismatched plaid, the Iran hostage crisis, and Solid Gold to an unequivocally normal family in New Jersey. As far back as I can remember (age 6) I've had a book in my hand - at the dinner table, in bed, under the bed, in the tub, poolside, beachside, and every side. I wrote my first books when I was 7.

My love of reading grew into a love of the arts in general. I graduated from the University of California, San Diego with a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts and minors in Communications and Literature. I did post-graduate work in African-American History at California State University, Northridge. There's still a thesis on Malcolm X waiting to make its appearance on paper.

After sixteen years in Southern California working at movie theatres, bookstores, hot dog carts, bowling alleys, film and television events, and photo labs I moved to a tiny mountain town in Colorado where I earn a living as a bookkeeper and an office manager.

In 2010 I met my true love Michael and my stepdaughter Shannon. Now that I'm officially "settled down" I'm ready to start exploring the world of words again!

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